1. To ameliorate the quality of life of people who have mental health problems living in the community by offering them services, social activities and programs that are both educational and therapeutic.

2. To assure support and follow-up to people who have mental health problems and are socially isolated in order to increase their degree of autonomy in respect with their limits and rhythm of life.

3. To encourage a one-to-one relationship developed between a client and a Volunteer through a warm and a non-professional approach.

4. To enhance the degree of socialization of people who have mental health problems.

5. To improve the self-esteem of these people by offering them the opportunity to be implicated in the development of services as well as the administration of the organization.

6. To promote, respect and defend the interests of people who have mental health problems.

7. To enhance the ability of these people in defending their rights and accompany them when needed.

8. To educate, implicate and raise the consciousness of the public concerning our goals in order that all can contribute to the social reintegration of people with mental health problems.

9. To develop and maintain better bonds of collaboration with other community resources, governmental and municipal organizations, private enterprises, health and social services professionals and judicial services in order to offer adequate services to people suffering from mental health problems.